Guest room

Q. What time is check-in check-out?

A. Check-in is from 15 o'clock and check-out is from 11 o'clock. (It depends on your reservation plan.)

Q. Can I check-in even if I arrive late at night?

A. Reception desk is responding 24 hours a day. You can check in late at night.

Please contact the hotel if you arrive late at night or if you are behind the check-in time you told us in advance. If it's past midnight, the front door is automatically locked. If you haven't checked in yet, please call the employee by pressing the intercom at the front entrance.

Q. Is early check-in rate check-out possible?

A. You can pay an additional charge. Please contact us in advance.

Q. Can I add an extra bed?

A. I'm sorry, but there is no extra bed.